Saturday, April 24, 2010

And So It Begins!

After starting a photo album on Facebook to document everything I bake, I started considering a blog. I thought it might be fun and useful to those of us looking for advice and recipes tailored for baking at 5,000 feet. Next I thought, “That’s silly. I find crackberries, Twitter, instant communication and the associated lack of verbal, interpersonal conversation incredibly annoying.” But I soon found myself posting more and more on Facebook because it’s a wonderfully convenient way to keep in touch with my family, all of whom live at least 500 miles away. I also receive many requests for recipes and advice on baking techniques in Colorado. I decided I wasn't that good of a baker, and a blog might require a lot of time and energy, so the end. Then, this morning I realized several things:

1. I actually do post a lot on Facebook and am just waiting for an extra few hundred dollars to purchase a Driod.

2. I am terrible at following through with recipe requests so this may make things easier.

3. After acquiring several extremely helpful cookbooks, I do know a trick or two.

4. I am, more accurately, an intermediate baker.

5. There are a kagillion cookbooks, websites, and blogs dedicated to baking, but VERY few with adjustments for high altitude.

So, here I am, typing my first blog post because I would very much like to share with other bakers and baked good enthusiasts!