Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm Back!

Wow, that was a long break, sorry friends. I was sick for a whole 5 weeks. Gross.

But now I'm back! I did attempt to bake while ill but it wasn't pretty. My first chocolate bundt looked pretty but the cake wasn't moist or rich enough for me. Oh well. Check out a pic on Kristin's cooking blog here.

Then I attempted some gluten free baking with Claire. That was a joke. After almost burning down the house with failed churros, we resorted to an ever-simple Mexican wedding cookie recipe. Based on Linnea's expression, can you guess how those turned out?

But don't despair, this past week included two, almost great cakes! The first was Amanda's birthday cake. I ran out of frosting but the cake was delicious and was still being eaten 3 days later. Still tasty after 3 days = success!

I also served it on this lovely platter Rachel got me for my birthday. I forgot to show it to you so I'm glad I finally remembered. Isn't it a perfect Jenni plate?

Last night was another adventure with Claire in the trendy cake mold department. We decided to make Fletcher a Doughnut Cake for his birthday today, since he loves doughnuts. We had some issues with the oven used but it looks exactly like a doughnut!

It also snowed while I was sick. It snowed a LOT. So tonight I'm heading to the mountains. Riding the steep and deep with my best snow peeps is what I live for in the winter months so my famous iced sugar cookies will have to wait until Sunday. I'm hoping I'll be able to blog about them in time for you to try them out before Vday...