Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Monday

I have neglected my blog. First because I was too busy. Then too sad. Blogging and the associated forms of social media have a history of igniting a great variety of emotions in me. Previously honest generosity. Recently hate. Currently somewhere in between. Maybe apathy.

Happy Monday? Questionable. But whatever.

Onward? I suppose. I have been saving pictures to share with you so alright, let's start by revisiting February.

Any baker that can produce fluffy cake at 9,500 feet deserves some credit so check out Rocky Mountain Cupcakes the next time you're in Breckenridge. I sampled four of their creations while on the Kiriakos family's annual ski vacation a few months ago. This is what I remember:

Mint Chocolate chip? Meh, I don't think mint flavored buttercream is my thing.

Red Velvet? Great presentation but no flavor.

Chai latte? This one was a hit all around. Unique and deliciously spiced.

My favorite was their signature, the Rocky Mountain Cupcake. It was a rich chocolate cupcake with a divine cream filling. I think I ate a whole one myself.